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Welcome to CHIZOR!!!

Chizor is a site dedicated to open source code designed by myself - Catfish. The only license requirement I place on using my code is that the following line must be place in the code files, and/or splash screen whether the code you are designing is for a private entity, other open source projects, or commercial products.

Below is the line:

[Your software name] was coded, in part, using open source code from ( Copyrighted © 2013

That's it...feel free to use the code. Also I only support code that I upload to this site.

More coming soon...


Dynamics + Generics
This library allows you to perform generic function calls on dynamic object. The main class is the BaseDynamic abstract class which implements the IDynamicMetaObjectProvider interface. I also keep the same "Try" function names as the ones available through inheriting from the DynamicObject. In a addition to that, I created 32 addition "Try" functions to handle up to 16 generic parameters (16 for invoking member function, and 16 for invoking on the object itself; NOTE: Microsoft's .NET Framework only allows non-generic invoking on the object itself, but I built the functionality should they decide to unleash the Kraken!!!
DLL, Source Code, and XML Documention file(s)
  Library: Chizor.Core.dll
DLL Version: 1.0
C# Version: 4.0
Examples Dynamic Generic Member Invoking

Dynamic Generic Object Invoking
(currently not supported by Microsoft but it would function much the same way as member invocation)